RMIT Entrepreneurship & Start-up Association

Our Mission

RESA aims to continuously engage the student entrepreneur community by providing opportunities for them to connect, take action and grow.

Our VISion

RESA aspires to build an interconnected and collaborative entrepreneurial student community.

A thriving community where peers feel welcomed, supported and inspired by each other.

A community that cultivates creativity, innovation and encourages students to turn ideas into reality.


  • Excellence

  • Collaboration

  • Creativity

  • Inclusivity

What We Do

We strive to provide opportunities for the entrepreneurial student community to connect with one another, bringing together aspiring individuals.

From networking events to workshops, we provide a range of activities for the community to bond, work together and grow.

Innovation Sprint 2018 with UNGCCP

Innovation Sprint 2018 with UNGCCP

Innovation Bootcamp

Innovation Bootcamp

RESA x Austern - Reverse Mentoring

RESA x Austern - Reverse Mentoring

Story-Telling: How Start-ups Grow