What Do You Think Is Entrepreneurship?

In this series of  "What do you think is entrepreneurship" blog posts, we'll be getting to know more of the people in the community. We'll be talking about their interests and what led them to be interested in entrepreneurship. We hope these blog posts help you explore and understand what entrepreneurship is to us and what we can achieve with it.

Today we're bringing you an interview with our very own Head Events:


Hi, I'm Vincent!

I've completed a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in Melbourne University, and am currently doing a Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) at RMIT.

What made you passionate about entrepreneurship?

Vincent: "The idea of approaching life with an entrepreneurial attitude, when you do so, you can see the way things can be instead of the way they are. This enables us to see solutions rather than problems. It empowers us to improve the world around us and to envision a better future."

His first idea for a startup was in one of his first passions: Music, reminding us that entrepreneurship enables us to pursue the things we love at a deeper level.

You've mentioned before about your passion for education, tell us more about it and how it came about.

Vincent: "While studying electrical engineering at the University of Melbourne, it was a very academic environment, very conformist and it felt like you had to be a certain way to fit in."

"You're supposed to be engineers, you should be acting like one!" was a quote said to him by his tutors that stricken him.

Vincent: "The value that we contribute as humans, comes from our individuality, if we are raised an educated with a standardized system, then we lose a lot of that individuality that is so valuable to our society. I noticed that it was such a common thing throughout our education system, that standard way to learn or approach things."

Vincent:"Imagine an approach to, not only education but also our careers and life, that genuinely appreciates the individual for who they are and accepts them, developing around them instead of fitting them to the system. It actually encourages people to challenge the way things have been done."

THoughts on applying his worldview to entrepreneurship

Vincent: "Knowledge itself has no value, knowledge only derives it's value from what you create out of it."

"The challenge is actually finding a business model that can fit this worldview, taking these ideas and fitting them into a coherent business model."

His initial ideas gravitate to consulting and mentoring 1-on-1. 

Vincent: "One of the really exciting things about entrepreneurship is that we can take abstract ideas and make them real."