Community Spotlight: Khang Nguyen



I am Khang Nguyen, 23 and currently in my first semester of economics and finance at RMIT. I came to Australia 5 years ago and am now a PR.







What do you do as an entrepreneur?

I love solving problems and developing products that help people. I have gone through 2 startups and am on my third, it really takes guts to try the third startup after the first 2 failed.

I'm currently working on a cocktail machine with my co-founder and we're done with it's development. We have our web app, construction and marketing left. Talk to me if you are interested in joining us!

What made you attracted to entrepreneurship?

It's just me being me, I wanted to build something that solves a problem. And the things I build can leave a legacy in the world. Circumstance played a part too since I had to constantly find ways to make money as I didn't have much.

What have been your biggest learning points that you'd give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

Stay focused on your goal, don't lose your path.

Be open to suggestions but keep strong on your own personal opinion.

Have a great idea and execute it well! If you don't build that ladder, someone else will.

Why did you come to RESA?

I want to meet people and expand my social network because that's important to entrepreneurship. I also want to help others on their journey here too. Hard work gets you far and expanding your network will get you even further.

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