Community Spotlight: Rahul Kanojia



I'm Rahul Kanojia, 25 and currently in my 1st semester in Master of Information Technology.







What do you do as an entrepreneur?

Through my startup, we provide educational services to students like seminars, workshops, industrial visits, etc. We also provide study resources and solutions for college fests. We have special wings dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Women Developmental Programs. We are here to enhance the complete education experience of students, and we do it with passion. My startup is called Diplomads Professional Services pvt ltd.

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What made you attracted to entrepreneurship?

I have always felt that our education system could be much more than it is right now and I always wanted to do something about it. I believe that just criticising the system and waiting for it to get changed one day won’t do any good. So I chalked out a plan which doesn’t demand radical changes in the system but fits in exactly with the current system, and I could add value to the lives of students and help them reach their potential. Personally, Elon Musk has been a great inspiration for me during my entrepreneurial journey.

What have been your biggest learning points that you'd give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

I learnt a lot about self independence. It is about when you start something make sure you’re not dependent on others for majority of the work. You should believe in the idea and go for it. Always go for a ‘Fast Fail’ approach which tells us that if you have an idea build a prototype execute within a limited period of time with a set cost and if it doesn’t work move on with a new idea and just move on.

Why did you come to RESA?

I came to RESA because I like to network with fellow entrepreneurs. It always motivates me by listening to their interesting stories and knowing more about their startup journeys.

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